In September of 2010 there was a wave of gay teen suicides. These deaths could have been easily avoided if people were accepting and ceased the cruel and merciless taunts the LBGTQ teenagers received on a daily basis. Raymond Chase hung himself in his dorm room. Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge on September 22 2010 after his room mate and a kid from their dorm set up their laptop and camera to see what Tyler was doing and to confirm that Tyler Clementi was indeed gay. What they saw was Tyler kissing another man. The next day the roommate urged friends and twitter followers to watch Tyler via webcam. Cody J. Barker lived in Wisconsin and on September 13 he ended his life. Felix Sacco jumped off the Pratt Overpass onto Route 1. He had posted on his facebook he was tired of people at his school for picking on him for being quite and having things thrown at him. According to a friend it was the bullying that ultimately led to the death of Felix Sacco. Billy Lucas took his life by hanging himself by barn rafters. Harrison Chase Brown took his life from the bullying he received. Asher Brown, a Texas 8th-grade student with straight A’s and a vibrant smile, shot himself in the head after constant harassment from his peers. Seth Walsh attempted suicide by hanging himself from a tree in his backyard. He was put on life support but died on September 19th. Caleb Nolt took his life after the incessant harassment and bullying he received from his classmates despite his  heterosexuality. No person should ever have to experience this. If you or someone is being bullied for their sexuality tell an adult you trust and try your best to get away from the bullies. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It truly gets better and you should be here to see it.

Rest in peace:

Raymond Chase (19) September 29, 2010. Rhode Island

Tyler Clementi (18) September 22, 2010. New Jersey

Cody J. Barker (17) September 13, 2010. Wisconsin

Felix Sacco (17) September 29, 2010. Massachusetts

Billy Lucas (15) September 9, 2010. Indiana

Harrison Chase Brown (15) September, 25 2010. Colorado

Caleb Nolt (14) September 30, 2010. Indiana

Asher Brown (13) September 23, 2010. Texas

Seth Walsh (13) September 19, 2010. California

Need help? 

The Trevor Project

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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